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Oh lala (2021)

Zo Ataraxie

0,99 €

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Fear Factor (2021)


1,60 €

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80´s DROPS (2021)

Trikania Music

0,00 €

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Silent Voices (2020)




track 1: it´s burnin

track 2: jah our redemmer

track 3: we need a moses

track 4: satisfy my soul

track 5: plastic smile

track 6: silent voices

track 7: special invitation

track 8: espe nkosi

track 9: my sunshine (feat. Kaya-T)

track 10: pick myself up

track 11: junie

11,00 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Ajani & Kaya-T (2012)

Ajani & Kaya-T


track 1: music (Kaya-T)

track 2: scabbadoosong (Kaya-T)

track 3: why (Kaya-T)

track 4: be your baby (Kaya-T)

track 5: dance in the moonlight (Kaya-T)

track 6: my sunshine (Ajani feat. Kaya-T)

track 7: junie (Ajani)

track 8: shabadap (Ajani)

track 9: satisfy my soul (Ajani)

track 10: we need a moses (Ajani)

10,00 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1